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    About Mergener Marketing Group

    We are all about local business growth. Helping local businesses get more customers is what we live for. It’s not enough to get clicks and likes you need customers and we deliver them by following a unique set of processes. You can see tremendous growth in a very short amount of time. Our unique process can start getting customers within a few days. We have very low-cost programs for local businesses and a full spectrum of digital marketing services for those who want to go the whole 9 yards.

    Our whole-business marketing philosophy – the Four Steps of Marketing – is documented in my book. I took many marketing ideas and concepts and put together a comprehensive approach – no single thing in the book is new – but how its all put together is. What makes our company unique, is that we combine four main ideas, or steps, into a proprietary system that has been proven to increase sales and also help productivity in each company we’ve worked with. If you want to grow, if you have room for more customers or desire to have more of a certain kind of customer, we’d be happy to talk to you and show you how we can help you make it happen.

    I come from a family of local business entrepreneurs. It really pains me to see local companies struggle to stay in business and feed their families. I wanted to help local business attract and retain good customers. It’s my mission and one company at a time it’s becoming a reality.

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